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Some interesting pages :

www.cetacea.de www.cetacea.de

A German Web site with lots of interesting information and pictures

WhaleNet WhaleNet

A interactive educational web site which focuses on whales and marine research.

http://www.cetacea.org/index.htm http://www.cetacea.org/index.htm

A lot of pictures and information about whales, dolphins and porpoises.

http://www.mrdf.org/whalehome.htm http://www.mrdf.org/whalehome.htm

A similarly site about the restoration and articulation of a 30' sperm whale.

http://www.gmwsrs.org/aboutus.htm http://www.gmwsrs.org/aboutus.htm

A non-profit research facility in Canada.

http://www.oceanicresearch.org/spermwhales.htm# http://www.oceanicresearch.org/spermwhales.htm#

Fantastic pictures of sperm whales.

http://www.researchcasting.ca/overview.htm http://www.researchcasting.ca/overview.htm

Interesting site about a Canadian company specializing in molding and casting for the production of museum exhibits.

http://www.oceanlight.com/ http://www.oceanlight.com/

Great photos


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