Spermasetthvalen i Fredrikstad

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The project of conserving the sceleton of the spermwhale is not finished yet, so new comments and pictures will follow.

A short resume of the facts:

  • 11.02.2003 The crew of Color Viking is reporting a whalecadaver floating 3 nautic miles from Torbjørnskjær.
  • The responsibility for the cadaver lays with the City of Fredrikstad, and the dead whale is being transported to Slevik Harbour.
  • 12.02. Kl. 4.30 I receive a SMS message from Ole Mofoss "22 feet long whale transported to Slevik Harbour yesterday evening - Aftenposten".
  • I contact Steinar Haugsten, who has the responsibility for incidents like this, the same day, and we make an agreement. To be able to keep the whalesceleton, I`ll have to take care of the cleaning/parting.
  • 13.02 Borg Habour authority is shipping the whalecadaver to Øra Dock.
  • The whole day I am hunting desperatly for friends who could assisst me, doing this kind of work.
  • 14.02 The cadaver is being moved upon a platform, and lifted upon a truck from Fa. Slettevold.
  • The 45 feet long and 28 ton heavy whale is being moved to Frevar. A bed of crust has been prepared there to prevent blood and oil from polluting the soil.
  • I meet up with representatives from Østfold Whalingclub (Erik Leister, Harald Storebaug, Gunnar Hagberg og Terje Haraldsen. Also three whaleentusiasts from Sandefjord have shown : Henrik Kulms, Bjarme Liverød og Knut Evensen
  • I receive valueable and helpful advices, and from this day on it is clear for me what lies ahead.
  • A giant truck from the habour authorities lifts the platform with the whale from the truck, to prevent the sceleton from eventually being damaged from a high fall.
  • In front of a big crowd of journalists, the cadaver is opened to release gaspressure. The work has started!

  • From now on pictures have to tell the story, but comments will follow!

    :) Endre


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